New feature in irPanel

Changes in irPanel Pro/Lite 1.7.1

Changes in irPanel Lite 1.5.5

Changes in irPanel Pro 1.5.4

Changes in irPanel 1.5

New feature in irPanel 1.4.7

For FX3U(C) and KV-10 series:
PlcShare is no longer necessary.
You can make connection through a Serial-Ethernet converter.
So you don't need the PC anymore.


New feature in irPanel 1.4.5

New supported PLCs.
- Keyence: KV-5500
- OMRON: CJ1 series

It's possible to connect to the PLC through 3G network.
(You have to setup the router, etc...)

irPanel Lite 1.4.4 was released

Added a new panel pattern. Added a retry connection setting to Settings apps.

irPanel Lite 1.4.2 was released

irPanel Lite was released!
There are Add-on items for each PLC provider.
If you bought an item, it can connect to you selected provider's PLCs.
More details visit here.

New feature in irPanel 1.4.1

New supported PLCs


- CJ2H series

- CJ2M series

New feature in irPanel 1.4.0