New feature in ioTouch2

Changes in ioTouch2 Pro/Lite 1.5

Changes in ioTouch2 Lite 1.4.5

Changes in ioTouch2 Pro 1.4.4

Changes in ioTouch2 1.4

New feature in ioTouch2 1.3.5

For FX3U(C) and KV-10 series:
PlcShare is no longer necessary.
You can make connection through a Serial-Ethernet converter.
So you don't need the PC anymore.


New feature in ioTouch2 1.3.4

New supported PLCs.
- Keyence: KV-5500
- OMRON: CJ1 series

It's possible to connect to the PLC through 3G network.
(You have to setup the router, etc...)

ioTouch2 Lite 1.3.3 was released!

ioTouch2 Lite was released!
There are Add-on items for each PLC provider.
If you bought an item, it can connect to your selected provider's PLCs.
More details visit here.

New feature in ioTouch2 1.3.2

New supported PLCs


- CJ2H series

- CJ2M series

New feature in ioTouch2 1.3.0