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ioTouch2 Pro/Lite 1.5 was released.
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"ioTouch2" is an iPhone/iPod touch application which enables you to monitor and manipulate PLC(Programmable Logic Controller*1) devices easily, without the expert knowledge.

*1 PLC - A digital computer used for control of machinery on factory assembly lines, etc.

What It Changes

In general, there must be at least 2 people for checking I/O at the startup of a machinery; one for switch-on, another for monitoring. With ioTouch2, you can do this by yourself, because you can monitor the device's change at the same time you are switching it, with iPhone/iPod touch in hand.


Because full knowledge of PLC is not required to use ioTouch2, an assembler can adjust machines through ioTouch2.

Easy To Use

A device's status appears as a lamp. You can manipulate it by pushing buttons. It's really easy to use.


How To Connect PLC Devices

ioTouch2 connects PLC devices by Wi-Fi, so that you can take it with you easily.
If your PLC devices support Ethernet, you just need to build a Wi-Fi.
Otherwise ioTouch can connect them through a Serial-Ethenet converter. "PLC Share" is no longer necessary.

And it's also possible to connect to the PLC through 3G network.
(You have to setup the router, etc...)