Bed In

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Bed In

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Are you among those who enjoy reading on iOS terminals?
'Bed In' is an app capable of allowing you to easily change your device's brightness.
Please use it when you want to lower your device's brightness after you have gotten into bed and lowered the lights.
This is an app both relaxing for your eyes, and for your partner or family sleeping next to you.
It can also be used as night light if your device has a torch light.

Slid a finger horizontally, brightness will change.
If you want to turn on / off the torch light of back camera, pull down the central star.

It can have two or more brightness preset values for use scenes.
The brightness is changed immedeatly when you touch the cell with preset.
If you want to edit it, double-tap the screen. Then the edit button appears.

You will also be able to switch directly to your reader after having changed the brightness, if your reader supports links to apps.(A Schema registration is necessary.)
You can switch to the reader after setting the brightness in two simple steps: starting up the app, and choosing your settings.
Changing to the settings of your choice is made even easier if you leave the app on the dock.
Only one App can be linked after downloading. Please buy the item if you like the App linking and would like to link with several different apps. (This will also remove all advertisements.)
We are currently offering the item at a 50% discount of US$0.99 as part of our release plan.

Attention) Please understand that, as returning to the previously-set brightness values after locking the device is a built-in OS setting, this is impossible to control from the app.