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Category: Photography

myPhotoViewer helps you to make a slideshow from your wonderful photo collection.
You can easily make your original set: children, cats, musical instruments, trips, etc ...

It also has a clock function.

The menu will appear when you double-tap the main screen.

It enables you to edit sets of slideshow, select general/clock setting options and switch a shuffle mode.

When you launch myPhotoViewer for the first time, it makes sample slideshow.
It may take a long time, please wait for a while.

When you update myPhotoViewer, the data will updated.
It takes a few minutes if you have a lot of images. We recognized an abnormal termination by lower memory. I'm sorry if myPhotoViewer was terminated. In this case, please remove it from the iPhone and install again.

Behaviour on iOS5:

We have recognized it freeze when you add a photo to the album.
We will submit a fixed version soon.
Don't add a photo until it was released.
Please backup the data via iTunes just in case.

Backup & Restore:

We are sorry ver1.4.5 can’t restore the data.
We submit a fixed version soon, please wait a while


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